Predictive and cognitive analytics for proactive management of order-to-cash operations for high volume businesses and shared services

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Emagia Corporation, a leading provider of Enterprise Order-to-Cash Management (OTC) solutions, today announced its participation at Solix EMPOWER Bangalore 2017, a premier Big Data event being held on April 28th in Bangalore, India.

Emagia Order-to-Cash Analytics provides enterprise-class advanced analytics with predictive and cognitive insights for proactive management of the order-to-cash cycle in a modern way – a data-driven decision making approach. This modern and intuitive solution provides comprehensive reporting, forecasting and analysis capabilities for customer payment behavior, revenue risk, receivables, cash flow and operational management.

“Digital technologies are disrupting every business today and finance departments are in need of taking a more proactive approach to their operations,” said Veena Gundavelli, Founder & CEO at Emagia Corporation. “Emagia brings the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to empower finance organizations with predictive and cognitive capabilities to be very proactive. We look forward to demonstrating these capabilities of Emagia solutions at Solix EMPOWER Bangalore 2017.”

Emagia Order-to-Cash Analytics Solution provides pre-packaged advanced analytics for high volume businesses and shared services using Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and many legacy systems and includes:

  • Customer 360 insights and predictions
  • Credit risk analysis and predictions
  • Customer segmentation, classification and clustering
  • DSO analysis and correlation analytics
  • Deductions analysis and forecasting
  • Multi-level cash flow forecasting
  • Operational analytics

To learn more about Emagia Order-to-Cash Analytics, click here.

About Emagia Corporation

Emagia Corporation  is a leading provider of enterprise order-to-cash management (OTC) technology solutions. For over a decade, Emagia has been delivering highly innovative business process automation solutions to transform, automate and optimize risk and receivables management.

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