Planning Guidelines for Faster B2B Payments

Planning Guidelines for Faster B2B Payments

Faster Business-to-business (B2B) payments benefit firms with easier payment process and accelerate transfers of funds. Did you know the B2B Order-to-Cash cycle can be accelerated by as much as 30%?

Proven technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital Assistants and Machine Learning can deliver all the capabilities needed to accelerate your B2B Order-to-Cash cycle—from order fulfillment to receipt of funds—by:

Watch this video to understand:

  • Delivering your invoice to the customer fast via electronic mode
  • Meeting customer format requirements for vendor invoices
  • Facilitating quicker payments by accommodating a wide range of payment modes
  • Accelerating funds availability by securing payments in electronic modes
  • Empowering customers with 24×7 self-service portals

Watch this video to find how to you can accelerate the receipt of payments from your customers while reducing collections cost and enhancing customer experience.

Planning Guidelines for Faster B2B Payments

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