It is widely accepted that forecasting is at the core of the performance management process and can be a significant drive of business value and investor confidence. While all forecasts will be “wrong” (i.e. the future is uncertain) a forecast that is within a company’s tolerance for risk will prevent an over borrowed / under invested / over exposed condition leading and allow a company to lower its capital costs and enhance its competitive position (e.g. higher stock price)

You’re invited to join us for the live webinar on how to enhance working capital forecasts by focusing on the order to cash cycle and the importance or receivables management. In this webinar you will also learn

  • How today’s receivables department can gain access to data analytics tools like never before.
  • How best in class automation solutions can utilize AI and machine learning to provide highly accurate cash forecasts and can replace today’s stale, spreadsheet with driven methodologies.
  • How this information will provide the foresight to proactively manage your business, reduce the need for more expensive borrowing, improve debt covenant management and even enhance your borrowing capacity by executing “smart” borrowing base decisions.


veena Gundavelli
Veena Gundavelli,
Founder & CEO,
Emagia Corporation

Date: Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Time: 11:00 AM PST

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