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Cash Application Automation for Europe

Learn about the challenges to achieving excellence in Cash Application in Europe, and how automation can help businesses gain exponential advantage.

Cash Application for European operations is significantly more complex than in the USA, especially for Shared Service Operations that serve multiple economies in Greater Europe. This is attributed to challenges such as multiple currencies & languages, integration with multiple ERPs & banks, variation in banking regulations across countries, accommodating multiple digital payments etc.

Modernizing the cash application can enable businesses to address all these challenges and achieve a high auto-cash hit rate. AI-powered document data capture tools and digital assistants can perform up to 90% of the manual operations in Cash Application, generating exponential gains for businesses.

This video will focus on:

  • Achieve cash application auto-match rates of 90% and above
  • Cut down manual efforts by 85%
  • Improve customer service and the overall productivity
  • Quickly assimilate new business units into a Shared Service Organization

Modernizing Cash Application with the 3As: Automation, Analytics, and AI

Cash Application has come a long way from the days of OCR scanning, expensive lockbox services, ERP Auto-cash, substantial manual application of Auto-cash “kickouts”, and even Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Cash application can be transformed using automation, analytics and AI to match invoices to incoming payments and remittances that come in multiple channels, in various data & document formats, in many languages and currencies. This MasterClass will focus on the state-of-the-art cash application that leverages Automation, Analytics and AI to gain exponential advantage.

This video will focus on:

  • Auto-capturing of payment and remittance data
  • Achieving applied cash with hit rates of 90% and above
  • Accomplishing touchless and frictionless cash posting
  • Replacing manual operations by 90% and above
  • Understanding the role of analytics in managing cash flow

Paperless Financial Operations with Gia Docs AI

Paperless financial operations utilize cognitive Artificial Intelligence (AI) to extract data from voluminous, complex, hard copy documents. Cognitive AI data extraction is faster, cheaper, more accurate, and eliminates the tedious, error-prone manual data extraction and entry.

In this MasterClass video, we will discuss Gia Docs AI, Emagia’s cognitive data capture service with human-like cognitive skills to read, learn, understand and extract data from financial documents.

This video will focus on:

  • How paperless financial operations function
  • The use of paperless operations in cash application, AR and treasury
  • How Gia Docs increases automation in O2C processes
  • How Gia Docs AI frees up resources for higher-value tasks

Defend Your Profits with Digital Deductions

Learn how your company’s profit margin is under attack from deductions (aka chargebacks or short payments) taken by your customers. Learn the actions you can take to defend your margins from this “under-the-radar” erosion of profit.

This video will focus on:

  • The Threat to Profitability: The causes of deductions, common types, their impact on the Profit & Loss statement, and why they cannot be ignore
  • The Realities of Processing Deductions: High volumes, low proportional and absolute yields, potential for incurring high cost, and pre-empting time from sales, customer service, and credit & collections
  • How to Defend Your Company: Best practice process, automation featuring AI powered digital assistants, policy, metrics, and “education” of customers

AR in Asia: Strategic Outlook for 2021

In this video, we will assess the opportunities, challenges and solutions to managing AR in Asia in 2021

  • Impact of the covid pandemic on Asian economic growth
  • Government-supported lending and cash infusions
  • Traditional cross-border culture and business practices
  • Growth potential for e-invoicing and collection technologies
  • Level of benefits that can be achieved in 2021

Digital Invoicing & Digital Payments

Maintain a healthier cash flow with Digital Invoicing and Digital Payments.

Digital is emerging as the latest industry trend for sending the customers request-to-pay reminders and giving them access to faster, more convenient payment options. Unlike the conventional paper-based invoicing methods, digital invoices can be sent to customers on mobile and email, accepting digital payments over credit card, ACH and bank-to- bank transfers.

Learn about the latest developments in digital invoicing & digital payments for businesses.

  1. Digital Invoicing
  2. Digital Payments
  3. Impact on customer experience
  4. Financial advantage
  5. Impact on cash application and accuracy of customer accounts

How Digital Assistants Improve Order-To-Cash Operations

Learn how AI powered digital assistants are helping improve order-to-cash operations and results. This technology is not a vision of the future, it is already helping many companies – TODAY !

We will discuss how digital assistants assist customers 24/7/365, and which order-to-cash operations and repetitive tasks they can perform to free up your staff for higher value add work. Few of those are

  • Credit: Facilitating and verifying on-line credit application submissions by new customers.
  • Collections: Performing “touchless” collection contacts, engaging in fully automated dialogue to secure a payment or payment commitment.
  • Cash Application: Extracting remittance data from any source in any format, and applying it to open obligations.
  • Deductions: Tracking and reporting all deductions from creation through clearing, and credit memo approval routing.

AR in Europe: Strategic Outlook for 2021

Listen to our guest speaker Chris Payne, Director of The Working Capital Consulting, talk about challenges to managing accounts receivable in Europe this year. Chris has over 35 years of experience working with leading European companies to optimize group AR management.

In this MasterClass we will assess the opportunities, challenges and solutions to managing AR in Europe in 2021.

  • The impact of the COVID on European growth – both good and bad.
  • Government supported cash flows in 2020 are moving to payback in 2021.
  • Continued low interest rates and the appetite for cash.
  • Traditional cross-border culture and credit term levels.
  • Government mandated payment terms for Suppliers.

Enhance Your Customers’ Experience with Real Time Payments

Learn what real time payments are and their advantages over traditional payment methods.

Real Time Payments (RTP), also known as Digital RTP and “Frictionless Digital Payments” are payments made directly between buyer and seller through a direct and a secure connection on an Account to Account (A2A) basis. It enables online payments from buyer to seller in a wide range of devices.

It can be a huge benefit for companies that demand payment on delivery, which is especially important in the pandemic economy (for financially weak customers) and more so in certain industries (e.g., food service).

In this MasterClass we will review:

  1. Digital RTP and the customer experience
  2. The direct financial advantages of digital RTP
  3. Its beneficial impact on cash application and accuracy of customer accounts
  4. How digital RTP combined with an AI powered digital assistant can achieve “touchless” collections

Boost Your Revenue with AI-Powered Digital Credit

For most companies, today’s economy has depressed revenue and increased credit risk. On one hand, you need to increase sales by any means possible, including finding new customers and accepting higher credit risk. On the other hand, you need to control bad debt loss and the cash shortages resulting from financially weak, slow paying customers.

One part of the solution is to maximize sales to new customers who have “reasonable” financial strength and a “tolerable” credit risk. However, your competition will seek to do the same. How can you successfully compete?

Watch our 30-minute virtual Emagia MasterClass to learn

  • How you can reduce delays in customer onboarding and boost revenue.
  • How you can reduce repetitive, manual work by 70 – 80% through automation.
  • How AI powered digital credit process can help you make faster, fact-based credit limit decisions.

Strategic AR Management

In traditional AR management the focus is on transaction processing, collections assertiveness, tight credit control and reduced headcount. However, today’s economy of lower revenue, extremely low interest rates, and management focus on the customer experience, requires a substantial change from this traditional AR management. Transaction management now needs to transform into customer management, the solution here is strategic AR management

In strategic AR management the focus is now on driving revenue and efficiency while providing exceptional customer experience. In this 30-minute Emagia MasterClass we will review actions which are part of strategic AR, such as:

  • Driving revenue growth
  • Driving margin growth
  • Providing an exceptional customer experience
  • Managing credit risk to support the firm’s trade credit strategy
  • Producing strong cash flow
  • Achieving ultra-efficiency

Five Best Practice AR Metrics You Should Track

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure” is a widely-accepted rule for managing any operation or process. Makes sense, but which and how many individual metrics should be measured to monitor the health of the accounts receivable (AR) asset and operations?

Watch this 30-minute virtual Emagia MasterClass with John Salek, our Order-to-Cash expert, to learn about the five accounts receivable (AR) metrics you should be tracking.

Our MasterClass discussion will focus on:

  • The objectives of AR reporting
  • The absolute need for a fully consolidated view of every penny of open AR
  • The 5 essential AR metrics you should be tracking
  • The best way to compile and report metrics in today’s world
  • How to drive improvements in your order fulfillment, customer experience, cash flow, bad debt risk and staff productivity

Digital B2B Credit Best Practices

Learn about the current best practices in B2B credit management

Credit management best practices have changed substantially in 2020. Three disruptive forces, driven by the Covid economy, are converging to seriously impact credit Risk, revenue, and the financial health of your company.

  • Credit risk has increased tremendously & threatens your firm’s cash flow and profitability. The workload to manage this increased risk will increase by 200 – 500%
  • Work from home can easily reduce productivity, effectiveness and management visibility, just when it’s needed the most.
  • A shift of sales and order processing activity to E-commerce demands fast, accurate credit approvals for both new & existing customers.

The solution is to:

  1. Review your operations to ensure the fundamental best practices of credit management are being properly used.
  2. Automate transactional credit functions to increase the quality, speed, and to cope with the increased workload cost effectively.

In this MasterClass order-to-cash expert, John Salek will discuss how AI automates 70 – 80% of manual work in credit vetting, setting credit limits, and enforcing credit controls. We will also review the productivity and gross profit benefits available and a customer success story.

The AI Advantage In Deductions Processing

Learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can reduce manual work in deductions processing by over 80%. Deductions processing is a necessity but is also a low value activity. Over 95% of deductions are valid, resulting in issuing a credit to clear them from the accounts receivable ledger. The invalid deductions are difficult to collect from customers. A CFO’s reaction to this process is usually, “I don’t want to hire 6 people to issue credit memos”. However, if invalid deductions are not challenged, they will increase in frequency and value, significantly reducing gross profit margins.

The solution is to research and resolve deductions of significant value in a fast and efficient manner. AI is the key to achieving this solution.

Our focus will be on the elements of deduction resolution that can be automated with AI. Learn from our order-to-cash expert, John Salek about how AI automates:

  1. Obtaining required information about a deduction (amount, reason) from multiple sources (vendor portals, remit advice, debit memos, emails, etc)
  2. Routing the deductions to the designated resolver via a full featured workflow
  3. Auto matching of deductions and their credits
  4. Tracking and monitoring
  5. Root cause analytics

We will also review the productivity and gross profit benefits available and a customer success story. Attendees will increase their knowledge on how to deliver these benefits to their organizations.

Four Essentials Of Digital Cash Forecasting

Learn about how to forecast cash flow more accurately. Our focus will be on forecasting cash inflow from Accounts Receivable (AR) which is the largest operational source of cash for most companies. Learn from our order-to-cash expert, John Salek about the key elements and tools available to greatly improve the accuracy and timeliness of cash inflow from AR. The essential elements are:

  1. Consolidation of AR data across divisions and ERP’s
  2. Predictive Modeling
  3. Analysis and Simulation
  4. Tracking and Monitoring

We discussed how incentives for Collectors improve cash flow forecasting accuracy. In the current pandemic economy, Credit Departments face extreme pressure to deliver and predict cash flow, to enable disbursement controls and cost-effective borrowing. Attendees will increase their knowledge on how to deliver these benefits to their organizations.

High Touch to Hi-Tech: The Journey to Touchless Collections

Learn how to implement “touchless” collections for the multitude of small and medium (SMB) size customers. In this session our order-to-cash transformation expert, John Salek will talk about

  1. The traditional approach to collections from SMB accounts
  2. Elements of “touchless” collections
  3. The tools required to successfully implement “touchless” collections

In the current pandemic economy, credit departments face extreme pressure to deliver cash flow, manage credit losses, and cut cost. Learn how going hi-tech can contribute to meeting these objectives.

Integrated Order-to-Cash (OTC) Transformation for Global Shared Service Organizations

Learn about the challenges faced by Global Shared Service Organizations (SSO’s) in achieving excellence in their Order to Cash (OTC) operations. Hear from our order-to-cash transformation expert, John Salek about the key elements of successful OTC operations at SSO’s.

  1. The three delivery imperatives every SSO must meet
  2. Digital essentials required to meet the performance demanded
  3. The role of 3A’s – Automation, Analytics and AI in meeting the requirements

SSO’s face pressure to deliver performance beyond that achieved by the decentralized organization. Learn how to make this happen.

3 Reasons for B2B Digital Credit Amidst Covid and Beyond

Learn about the changes impacting B2B credit teams and how you can plan for the future amidst COVID & beyond. Listen to our order-to-cash transformation expert, John Salek talk about the 3 business reasons for digital credit transformation

  1. Work-from-Home is demanding for digitization and paper free process
  2. High bankruptcy rates are demanding real-time credit risk monitoring
  3. Ecommerce business models are demanding for fast digital B2B credit process

The digital future is here and is dramatically different from yesterday’s cash application processing. Learn and lead your team with confidence.

Driving Exponential Efficiency in Cash Application with AI

Learn from the order-to-cash expert John Salek about digital fundamentals of the next-generation cash application solutions.

The digital future is here and is dramatically different from yesterday’s cash application processing. Learn and lead your team with confidence.