Integrated invoice-to-cash (I2C) applications are cloud-based applications that enable CFOs to manage customer invoicing, collections, customer payments and cash applications within an integrated platform.

The recent pandemic has accelerated the demand for I2C applications, as organizations are urgently optimizing their internal processes to enable faster cash collections. According to Gartner, the integrated I2C market has been growing rapidly and is expected to reach $3 billion by 2024.

Join us in this 30-minute virtual Emagia MasterClass to learn about the latest trends in integrated invoice-to-cash automation, and which types of automation are most popular with companies upgrading I2C technology stack.

In this session, we will preview:

  • Customer Invoicing Automation
  • Collections Automation
  • Customer Payments
  • Cash Application Automation
  • Deductions and Disputes Automation
  • Credit Monitoring

Don’t miss this session where you can learn how AI-driven automation plays a big role in enabling you to achieve world-class performance in your I2C function.

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