Did you know digital world-class finance organizations operated at 43% lower cost than typical finance organizations (i.e., peers), with a 48% productivity advantage in 2021? But their advantage is not just about cost. The Hackett Group asserts they are also able to deliver higher-quality services.

Join us in this 30-minute virtual Emagia MasterClass to learn how today’s automation, utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), is the key to achieving world class Accounts Receivable (AR) management results.

In this session, we will preview:

a) Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), which involves extracting and converting data from a wide variety of sources and documents into a usable format.

b) Automating Data Processing, which involves automatically processing 70 – 90% of the data in structured files.

c) Automating high-level tasks such as formulating credit limits, assigning reason codes to deductions etc.

Save your seat for this session to learn how AI’s proven technology can deliver the productivity, speed, and customer response needed to achieve World Class performance in your AR management function.

Who should attend: CFOs, Directors of Shared Services, Global OTC Process Owners, Treasurers, Credit Managers, Process Improvement Technicians


John G Salek
Strategic AR Advisor, SME, Emagia

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