How to optimize deal value in M&A integrations with order-to-cash (O2C) automation

How to Optimize Deal Value in M&A Integrations with Order to Cash (O2C) Automation

Mergers & Acquisitions are the fastest way for a company to achieve large increases in revenue in a short span of time. However identifying prospective partners and negotiating the deal can be a laborious process. Once it closes, another mammoth task awaits: integrating the two companies to realize the “synergies” and cost efficiencies that are expected.

As Deloitte has pointed out in a recent report, effective implementation of order-to-cash (O2C) process of the ‘new’ company plays a major role in the success of the overall integration. Watch this video to learn how an efficient O2C process can optimize the deal value in M&A integrations.

This video will provide an insight into several order-to-cash “must haves” including:

  • Increasing combined sales to prevent revenue leakages
  • Minimizing negative customer experience
  • Optimizing the cost structure
  • Delivering a strong cash flow
How to Optimize Deal Value in M&A Integration with Order-to-Cash Automation

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