Finance Transformation: A Focus on Order-to-Cash

Transformation is change. It involves understanding the need for change, and the consequences of change. According to Gartner, finance transformation describes the strategic initiatives aimed at re-envisioning the finance function to align with the overall company strategy. Order-to-cash (O2C) automation enables companies to cut down costs, improve efficiency and gain visibility throughout the customer-to-cash process.

In this video, you will learn about the essential elements to achieve finance transformation within order-to-cash functions by making the most of digitalization, analytics, and automation. We will show you how order-to-cash digital transformation aligns with CFO priorities, why it makes sense to begin with the O2C function, and the steps you need to get started.

This video will help you assess your current environment and begin the journey towards better efficiency and effectiveness in your order-to-cash process.

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The video highlights:

  • Definition of Finance Transformation
  • Changing CFO Focus
  • Why Start with Order-to-Cash
  • Intro to Digitalization
  • How Predictive Analytics help
  • What is Smart Automation
  • How to get started with order-to-cash digital transformation

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