Digital B2B Credit Applications For The New Normal

B2B credit or trade credit processing often slows down credit processing and customer onboarding. Now you can eliminate the rigid PDF B2B credit applications and go paper-less in minutes. Say goodbye to slow form validations, choose superfast online digital credit applications that help you onboard customers faster. Emagia’s automated B2B credit applications save time, accelerate credit decisions, and help you make better and accurate decisions.

Emagia’s flexible trade credit application forms provide a 360-degree visibility of customers. You can get a consolidated view of your credit risk with configurable application forms, and real-time b2b credit reports and alerts that monitor the credit portfolio of customers 24×7.

Using Emagia b2b credit applications, you can gather bank references and bureau data while drastically reducing time between customer application and credit approval. Emagia’s AI-powered b2b credit reports provide you with smarter data that automates your credit decisions.

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