• The New Normal: Putting AI at the Core of Your Order-to-Cash Shared Services Strategy

    As the COVID-19 pandemic is drastically changing everything around us, individuals and businesses are all being severely tested. These are unprecedented times for many businesses – tearing down of the global economy, straining of the global supply chains, and navigating the turbulent volatile markets.  Focus on Order-to-Cash Operations Mitigating credit risk on new orders, monitoring

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  • Leading Order-to-Cash Amid COVID-19

    While the fears of economic uncertainty and global recession are grappling every business amid the COVID-19 pandemic, focus on cash flow – managing risk, maximizing liquidity from receivables and optimizing working capital – has become paramount for every business – big or small. Revenues and profits are secondary. Cash matters most and will define the

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  • Harness Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, & Blockchain for Trade Finance

    Today, consumers can quickly order the product they want from their mobile devices or digital assistants (such as Amazon Alexa). These technologies have drastically reduced the time from impulse to buying for a consumer. However, the trade finance and international supply chain that is critical to completing the fulfillment cycle has not yet caught up

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  • Digital Finance: Mastering Revenue Growth With Data Analytics

    Growth is on the top agenda of every CFO. The ability to generate good growth separates leaders who build a solid foundation for long-term profitable growth from those who build revenues on very shaky footing that ultimate crumble. I like to share with you a success story that shows how digital finance technologies help to

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  • Finance Transformation – Why Not Start With The Electronic Credit Process?

    A critical process Finance transformation is on the mind of every successful finance executive today. Order to Cash is the most critical process for businesses today, yet it is one that rarely gets noticed. Why is Order to Cash so important? Because it encompasses the heart and soul of your business. It is the end-to-end

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  • Using Analytics to Predict Cash Flow

    Cash is King If Cash is King and the lifeblood of all good companies, why have we not perfected the art of forecasting cash flow? Treasury departments today most certainly have a need for better forecasts and improved cash collections. In a 2014 survey of Treasurers by Kyriba they learned that more than half of

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  • Predictive Analytics – The Power to Know Which Customers Will Pay, Delay, Dispute or Default

    According to World Economic Forum, by 2020 the amount of data saved and collected will be about 35 trillion gigabytes. Big Data is getting classified as a new asset class. Learning from this data to make predictions and foresee outcomes, brings tremendous power to organizations. That’s what Predictive Analytics technologies do. But this is only

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  • 4 Keys to success in the world of credit and collections

    When I was promoted to my first job as a credit manager it was entirely by accident. I was fresh out of college and had planned to be a writer. Necessity and a small town caused me to take a job as credit analyst at a very small manufacturing company. After two short weeks on

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  • Why Private Equity Firms Need Analytics

    M&A in the United States has finally reached pre-recession levels and is identified as the primary growth strategy in 2015. Deal value in the first three quarters of 2014 reached almost $1 trillion and the over 5,000 deals announced during the period are the highest on record according to a survey conducted by KPMG LLP

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  • Data Analytics: The New Normal for Shared Services in 2015

    “The principle of mining data from processes and systems is becoming the “new normal” for SSO operations” – SSON Last week we conducted a webinar hosted by FCIB discussing how analytics can be used in global finance operations and in shared services centers. We specifically discussed the application of analytics within the order-to-cash processes to

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  • Why Credit and Collections are moving to the Cloud

    Is the Cloud too risky for receivables management? Should I continue to wait for IT resources or should I take advantage of a modern cloud receivables management system and start delivering performance improvements? These are the questions on the minds of many finance executives focused on modernizing their AR function. One in five finance organizations

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  • How F&A Shared Services Can Change The Game with Analytics

    TRANSFORM. INNOVATE – these are the two words ringing in most finance departments these days. The role of CFO is rapidly changing to be the Catalyst for Change – a very strategic partner to the CEO and the Board in business planning and growth. So what does it mean to your F&A Shared Services? What

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