Billing Management

Automate, Collaborate and Drive Resolution in Real-Time

The Emagia Deductions Management Solution is a revolutionary solution that delivers breakthrough efficiency in resolving customer payment issues. The module dramatically streamlines issue resolution processes, while enhancing customer relationships at the same time. This solution includes many efficiency features and tools, including:

Workflow-based Resolution

Emagia provides robust functionality for defining and assigning reason codes to issues as they are filed. Once an issue and a corresponding reason code are recorded, this powerful feature automatically activates the appropriate workflow to quickly resolve the dispute. The workflow automatically sends alerts and updates as the issue moves through its process. In addition, browser based access to status is provided for all appropriate personnel.

Inter-departmental Collaboration

Collaboration is the key to resolving issues in a timely manner. Emagia delivers new levels of collaboration between credit/collections personnel and other departments in the enterprise. The collaborative workflow identifies the appropriate personnel in other departments, automatically engaging them in the resolution process. Alerts, reminders, escalations and delay warnings are all integrated through email, enabling easy notification processes and timely resolution.

Detailed Audit Trails

Through its powerful workflow, Emagia creates and archives a detailed audit trail on every resolution, greatly enhancing internal controls, reporting and compliance. Emagia’s graphical workflow display provides easy-to-read status on the resolution process along with time-stamped.

Root Cause Analysis

Emagia delivers powerful reporting capabilities on deductions and disputes, helping you identify root causes and patterns associated with issues and their resolution. This information can be used to modify and enhance customer management strategies or internal operations. Both our prepackaged and dynamic reports, coupled with our integrated analytics provide you with intelligence on all payment issues.

Credit/Debit Matching

Automatic credit and debit matching can replace the cumbersome manual matching process, improving your credit staff efficiency while minimizing errors. This matching functionality is provided with both partial and full matches. Spanning hun dreds to thousand of records, this feature delivers tremendous productivity to deductions analysts.

Customizable Features

Many features can be customized to mesh with your business processes and to meet the demands of your particular organization. These features include workflow processes, dispute reason codes, analytic reports and escalation triggers.