2024: The Big Shift For Finance Shared Services to AI-First

Veena Gundavelli

Veena Gundavelli

19th March, 2024

2024: The Big Shift For Finance Shared Services to AI-First

In 2024, the finance shared services landscape is significantly getting transformed by Artificial Intelligence (AI), marking a pivotal shift in how these services operate and deliver value. The latest trends focus on embracing digital transformation and automation, particularly in response to challenges like remote work and the need for AI-first solutions.

AI-First is a significant focus, with a potential to impact around 60% of all jobs by 2030, driving GBS organizations to pursue process optimization and economies of scale.

Here’s an expanded insight tailored for senior finance shared services executives, focusing on leveraging AI trends to foster innovation and efficiency.

AI-Driven Process Automation

One of the foremost trends is the extensive automation of routine and complex tasks. AI algorithms are now adept at executing tasks with precision, from transaction processing to compliance checks, from document data extraction to automating email responses, freeing up human resources for strategic roles.

Advanced Analytics and Decision Support

AI’s ability to process and analyze vast datasets has revolutionized financial forecasting and risk assessment. Machine learning models offer predictive insights, enabling more informed strategic decisions and identifying trends that were previously undetectable.

AI-First Customer and Operational Strategies

The integration of AI has led to the enhancement of customer experiences and operational agility. Chatbots and AI-driven interfaces have become commonplace, providing instant support and services to customers while streamlining back-end operations.

Talent Management in the AI Era

The shift towards AI necessitates a reevaluation of talent management strategies. Upskilling employees to proficiently use AI tools is paramount, alongside fostering a workforce adept in problem-solving, critical thinking, and adaptability in a technologically advanced environment.

Ethical AI and Regulatory Compliance

As AI becomes more integrated into financial services, addressing ethical considerations and ensuring regulatory compliance is crucial. Transparent AI systems that honor privacy, consent, and fairness are essential to maintain trust and integrity in financial operations.

Key Takeaway Points For Finance Shared Services Executives

  • Embrace AI for Efficiency: Leverage AI to automate routine tasks and for document data extraction, allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Harness Predictive Analytics: Utilize AI for deeper insights into financial trends and risk management, supporting more informed decision-making.
  • Enhance Customer Experiences: Adopt AI-driven tools to improve service delivery and operational efficiency, meeting the digital-first expectations of modern consumers.
  • Focus on Talent Upskilling: Invest in training your workforce to use AI tools effectively, ensuring they possess the necessary soft skills for the evolving workplace.
  • Prioritize Ethical AI Use: Implement AI solutions responsibly, ensuring they comply with regulatory standards and ethical considerations to maintain trust and integrity.

As senior executives, steering your organizations through this AI-driven era requires a strategic approach to technology adoption, talent management, and ethical governance. Embracing these trends not only positions your services at the forefront of innovation but also ensures sustainable growth and competitiveness in the dynamic financial services sector.

SSOW 2024: The Largest Shared Services Conference

Shared Services and Outsourcing Week (SSOW) 2024, the premier conference for Global Business Services (GBS) and shared services executives, is set to take place from March 25-28, 2024, in Orlando, FL. This year’s theme, “Transforming & Delivering Business Outcomes,” promises to address the latest trends in autonomous finance, AI, and digitization.

With an expected attendance of over 1,000 financial leaders, SSOW stands as the world’s largest shared services and outsourcing network, boasting over 180,000 members worldwide.

Emagia, the leading provider of Autonomous Finance Platforms for Order-to-Cash, announced its participation as a sponsor, exhibitor, and presenter at this esteemed event. Emagia will showcase its latest Generative AI-powered Autonomous Finance Platform for Order-to-Cash, highlighting Gia, its flagship Generative AI co-pilot, designed to enhance O2C – order processing, credit processing, e-invoicing, collections, deductions, cash application, and customer e-payments services.

Additionally, Emagia CEO Veena Gundavelli will chair the program “Generative AI Bootcamp,” a full-day event scheduled for March 25th, featuring over 10 knowledge-sharing and skills training workshop sessions focusing on the pivotal role of AI and autonomous finance in shaping the future of shared services. Gundavelli will lead one of the workshops titled “Leveraging GenAI to Boost Next-Gen Shared Services,” offering practical insights into utilizing Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) for enhanced efficiency and innovation in shared service centers.

Emagia’s AI-powered solutions are revolutionizing finance shared services into AI-driven digital operations centers. Meet with our experts in Booth #602.

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