Why CFOs Should Lead the AI Transformation and the Next Batch of Use Cases
Jennifer Walsh

Mark Shank

Principal, Cloud Engineering, KPMG

Episode Summary: In a rare public interview, Mark Shank shares what he is seeing in AI as it pertains to business and finance right now and the use cases that are coming, as well as as his own journey with technology and AI and how his surprising experience with KPMG from early in his tenure there colors his outlook.

Shank also gets into why he thinks CFOs need to take control of any AI transformations being brought into their business and do so early on.

Don’t miss this view of the autonomous finance revolution from the view of a Big 4 corner office.

Speaker highlights: KPMG’s Mark Shank brings metric moving Digital Experiences to employees and customers. He specializes in building and operating Digital and Mobile capabilities within organizations. Bringing modern Digital and Mobile experiences to a workforce or customer base has presented a unique set of problems that only an integrated team of Creatives, Technologists, and Strategists can solve. Mark builds, leads and runs this capability for organizations that need many of these teams.

Shank has been with KPMG for more than 10 years, five of which as principal of cloud engineering at the “Big 4” firm. He previously worked in customer experience design, solutions, and digital/mobile services.

Shank had been the vice president of digital experiences at the firm Cynergy for the five years prior to its acquisition by KPMG. Shank holds an MBA from Cornell University’s Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management.

Episode Summary:

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