Using AI and Other Tech to Get Your Seat At The Table
Robert Shultz

Robert Shultz

Managing Partner, Quote to Cash Solutions (Q2C) LLC

Episode Summary: In the latest episode of the Emagia AI For Finance Podcast, Robert Shultz takes our host and listeners through modern and fast-evolving AR portfolio strategies using both his three decades of experience in portfolio management but also very recent and deep study in how AI-based technologies affect the industry.

Moreover, Shultz answers questions on the front of minds of credit and financial leaders including (but not limited to):

  • How can AR begin your path to a more efficient portfolio management process?
  • Why is credit and collection automation now such a critical element of portfolio management?
  • How can AI technology find your biggest portfolio risks and what actions should you consider taking to mitigate them?

Speaker highlights: Having over thirty years as a financial and credit executive in global organizations, Robert Shultz (“Bob”) specializes in global management of the “quote to cash process” focusing on how to effectively integrate all aspects of the cash-to-cash cycle to improve “time to cash” results. Shultz is well known in the industry for his tutorials in recent years for Highako University and senior-level editorial support to the former Credit Today newsletter.

He has worked and consulted for companies within high tech, entertainment, consumer packaged goods, construction, wine and spirits, clothing, internet advertising and other manufacturing/distribution companies. He has also provided specialized training and Expert Witness support for companies both large and small domestically and internationally.

Currently the Managing Partner in Quote to Cash Solutions (Q2C) LLC, Cutting Edge Business Resources & Solutions and Trade Information Exchange to deliver consulting and a wide variety of business services, as well as delivery of the AnscersX Multi-Bureau Trade Credit Report.

In addition to his consulting and business activities, Robert has served as an Advisor to the Credit Management Association Board of Directors, the UCLA Extension Advisory Board for the Credit Analysis and Management Certificate, and he Instructs UCLA Extension classes in Credit, and Portfolio Analysis. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Financial Executives Networking Group, ( Special Interest Group focused on Credit and Working Capital Management.

Episode Summary:

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