Embracing The Future (And The Present): AI and Automation in Credit and Finance
Regional Director at NACM Southwest

Diana Crowe, CGA

Regional Director at NACM Southwest

Episode Summary: Diana Crowe, CGA is a seasoned presenter at conferences and provides on-site training for clients and trade groups such as NACM, CRF, and ICTF. Her exceptional presentation skills and deep industry knowledge in B2B credit make her an invaluable resource for discussing the latest trends and best practices in credit management and accounts receivable.

In this episode of the Emagia AI For Finance podcast, Crowe joins host Brian Shappell to discuss the fast evolving role of automation and AI in the industry, one she’s personal excited by and invested in. She highlights how AI and automation are becoming more accepted in business, finance, and credit while acknowledging some existing “fear factor” among smaller and mid-sized companies and the need for education on the scalability and practical applications of AI and automation in their operations.

Important Topics Covered in the Podcast Include:

  • Integration of AI and automation in the credit industry since 2023.
  • Challenges faced by smaller and mid-sized companies in adopting AI.
  • Fear of job displacement and lack of understanding of its benefits.
  • The importance of education and demonstrating the scalability of AI solutions to encourage wider adoption across companies of all sizes.
  • The balance between leveraging AI for repetitive tasks and maintaining human oversight to ensure accuracy and effectiveness in credit operations.

Speaker highlights: Diana Crowe, CGA, currently serves as the regional director of the NACM Southwest affiliate. Among the most popular speakers at various events for trade credit professionals such as NACM’s annual Credit Congress & Expo, Diana holds a B.S. degree in Management and brings a wealth of experience in accounts receivable, credit management, collections, and deductions across various industries.

Diana’s early days in credit in the 1990’s were spent at Plumbing & Industrial Supply. Perhaps her most notable experience came in her exemplary time with IAB Solutions LLC. Diana’s career at IAB Solutions LLC spans over two decades, during which she held multiple roles:

  • Manager, Business Development (Mar 2010 – Jan 2019)
  • Manager, Regional Operations (Mar 2006 – Mar 2010)
  • Analyst (1995 – 2006)

In addition to her operational experience, Diana has served as corporate trainer responsible for developing and instituting employee orientation sessions and an instructor for educational programs hosted by various trade groups including NACM, CRF, and ICTF.

Episode Summary:

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