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Your Trusted Partner for Accelerating Cash Inflow

Your company’s receivables, if properly managed, can be a critical source of working capital. But all too often, accelerating cash flow requires focused attention and can tie up your thinly spread Accounts Receivable team. There is a better way.When companies take a closer look at their A/R portfolio, they often come face to face with Pareto’s Principle – 80% of revenues come from 20% of the customer base. While these transactions are highly strategic and need close management, chasing the remaining high volume, low value receivables provides very little gain for the effort expended. Forward thinking companies outsource these transactions to quickly reap tremendous value with minimal investment.With Emagia Managed ServicesSM, leading Fortune 2000 companies can benefit from outsourcing receivables management to a trusted solutions provider while enabling in-house staff to leverage the same technology platform. Emagia fuses cutting-edge cash flow management technology with experienced and highly effective personnel to deliver unprecedented returns from cash flow operations.

Invoicing & Billing: Comprehensive invoice generation, mailing and reconciliation services.

Portfolio Management: Entailing comprehensive portfolio 1st party management with robust and in-depth reporting.

3rd Party Recovery: Full support for 3rd party collections, litigation and claims administration.

Customer Care: A one-stop shop for all of your customer dealings including invoice access, dispute resolution, payment processing and Customer Relationship Management with inbound and outbound communication.