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Transforming Payables Management into A Cornerstone of Working Capital Optimization

Superior working capital management requires intelligent control over cash consumption. Your company’s payables department oftentimes is a critical gatekeeper of cash outflow, which in turn affects your cash position and financial performance. Moreover, Accounts Payable departments can be highly labor-intensive and rife with manual, inefficient processes, leading to less than optimal cash flow management.With Emagia Managed ServicesSM, leading Fortune 2000 companies can benefit from outsourcing payables management to a trusted solutions provider while enabling in-house staff to leverage the same technology platform. Emagia fuses cutting-edge cash flow management technology with experienced and highly effective personnel to deliver unprecedented returns from cash flow operations. Emagia transforms your payables department from being just a cost of doing business into a significant element of optimized working capital.

Invoice Processing: End-to-end entry and management of vendor invoice documentation.

Payment Portfolio Management: Drives comprehensive portfolio analysis, disbursement strategies leading to strategic float management and vendor risk assessment.

Invoice Reconciliation: Handles all processes from 3-way matching to dispute resolution, including Evaluated Receipt Settlement.

Vendor Payment: Spans from disbursement approval routing to payment processing and vendor management functions.

By automating and outsourcing highly transactional A/P processes, forward thinking corporations can ensure intelligent float management, advantageous usage of cash and trade discounts and consistent payment processing while eliminating costly personnel and infrastructure expenses.