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White Papers

White Papers

Data-driven Finance For Your Accounts Receivables Operations


Viewing Accounts Receivable as a routine back office function will impede the success of any modern day business. These key order to cash roles are strategic to revenue growth, risk mitigation and working capital management.

Data-Driven Finance for Achieving Excellence in Order-to-Cash Operations


The New Directive for Finance Operations Understand how the role of managers and executives are changing

Finance Transformation Blueprint for AR Shared Services


Why F&A Shared Services need to be transformed?

What are the solution requirements for modernization?

Finance Transformation for the Credit and Collections Department

Webinar PPT

Effective receivables management involves ensuring effective credit and collections policy management…

10 Elements of Automation for Transforming to Digital Credit Process


Making faster and smarter decisions, doing more with less, minimizing risk and …

Transforming Global Credit Operations for High-Volume Businesses

White Paper

Business models across industries are in a state of transformation as…