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Cash Flow Forecasting Automation Software

Emagia Cash Flow Forecasting Automation Solution

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Short-Term Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash flow forecasting is a critical business process that enables companies to ensure better liquidity management and short-term investment and borrowing decisions. Corporate finance executives often rely on divisional forecasts, oftentimes presented in separate spreadsheets, to arrive at a finalized forecast. Driving cash flow planning from incorrect forecasts results in sub-optimal working capital management. It forces many companies to incur higher capital borrowing costs. Emagia Cash Flow Forecasting Application offers accurate information on cash inflows expected from collections and customer payments.

Configurable Rolling Window Forecasting

Emagia Cash Flow Forecasting provides flexible rolling window short-term forecasts on cash inflows from receivables. Full top-down and bottom-up visibility of forecast data extends from a consolidated corporate view to detailed views at a divisional, transactional or user portfolio level. Emagia’s flexible forecast modeling can incorporate future, real-time and historical trend data. Actual cash positions are compared to forecasted values and finance executives can then further refine forecast models to reflect a more accurate picture of actual business conditions.

Easy Goal Setting and Monitoring

Corporate controllers and shared service center managers can set goals at different levels such as business units or customer segments on a weekly or monthly basis. Emagia Cash Flow Forecasting allows easy monitoring of collections performance against the goals. Customer payment trends can be monitored daily using this solution and this timely information can be used in managing customer payment behavior.

Emagia Cash Flow Forecasting Software

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